A downloadable tool for Windows

A lightweight retro-style music app for Windows.

Peace Of Cake Music Maker! is a lightweight music app designed to make it simple to play music that sounds like it's from an 80's video game. Originally designed as the music software for a scrapped project, Peace Of Cake Music Maker! is good for developers looking to make NES/Famicom-style sounds with a free and small app.

  • Playing notes is as simple as pressing keys on your keyboard!
  • Record your music and have it played back to you in-app
  • The recording time is probably infinite, and you can save your work to your device!
  • Looking for an original way to make music? Try plugging in a controller to your device and trying out some buttons

Note: this program can no longer receive updates and any bugs cannot be patched. The MacOS build also does not work and can no longer be downloaded.

Install instructions

To run the app on Windows, make sure to select the right file for your device type and have a modern Chromium browser (i.e. Microsoft Edge) installed.


32-bit and 64-bit Windows 1 MB

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